The Georgia Guidestones Movie

A documentary film, released in 2012, about the Georgia Guidestones of Elbert County, Georgia.

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The Basics

A documentary film about the Georgia Guidestones of Elbert County, Georgia, an imposing granite monument cryptically inscribed with ten guidelines for mankind in eight different languages. A wealthy benefactor using the pseudonym “R. C. Christian” commissioned this immense monument in 1979, but his true identity remains a mystery.


Kyle Dawkins composed and performed the soundtrack for The Georgia Guidestones Movie, which includes original, never-before-released material! Kyle performs with the trio Revien, the Georgia Guitar Quartet, and as an accomplished solo artist and composer, and he has been a prizewinner in competitions sponsored by the Georgia Music Teachers Association, Music Teachers National Association, and Georgia Music Hall of Fame.


In 2019 the filmmakers were interviewed by Larry Forte of the podcast Limited Perspective. A podcast focusing on Athens, Georgia area film and art, this is a great opportunity to hear many of the more obscure events that took place during the making of the film, and hear a Q&A session with the filmmakers, in case you missed a session after one of the screenings years ago.


The Georgia Guidestones Movie was released in 2012 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. This allowed for screenings in Charleston, SC, Portland, Oregon, as well as Athens and Elberton, Georgia. The film won the "Best Regional Documentary" award at the 2013 Charleston Film Festival and had a two-day screening feature at AthFest 2013.

Mission Statement

At the start of production in 2009, the filmmaker created a mission statement for this documentary project. There were three major parts of the mission statement, and all aspects were completed. This section contains the original statement and details what was accomplised.


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